10 ways Alexa can make your life easier

10 ways Alexa can make your life easier

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Amazon have sold millions of Alexa of the years… chances are you will know someone that has one. If you haven’t got one or aren’t really using it for anything barring music then check out these top 10 tips on how Alexa can make your life so much easier!

Planning outfits

Whilst making dinner, ask Alexa what the weather is going to be like tomorrow!

Shopping list

Think of something you need to grab from the shop this week? Add ‘jam’ to the shopping list via Alexa

Set a reminder

I’ve asked Alexa before to remind me to pick the kids up from school… no shame! Sometimes I get so involved with my work at home that I forget!

You can also ask Alexa to ‘remind John to walk the dog or bring the bins in at 4pm’!

stay active with Alexa

Whilst waiting for your dinner to cook or for your children to eat their breakfast why not ask Alexa for a quick workout?


Instead of turning the television on or picking your mobile up when the kids go down for the night ask Alexa for some relaxation music or mediation.

Play a game

Have friends around for tea or want to have a bit of fun with the kids? The adults vs kids game on Alexa is pretty funny as is the music quiz!

Set a timer

I sometimes don’t want to pick up my phone to set a timer and get drawn into Facebook (by accident!) when making dinner. I have a timer on my oven but Alexa allows you to have multiple… ‘set a 10 minute timer’ and Alexa will give you a shout when it’s ready!

Check your social media

It’s so easy to pick up your phone and get drawn into everything barring the thing you actually picked it up to do! Ask Alexa to check it for you! Link it up with Twitter to read your tweets, mentions and retweets!

track your deliveries

Ask Alexa to track your delivery or ‘where my stuff is’ and it will provide information on where your package is and when will it arrive.

Find a recipe for dinner

Search using a dish name or ingredients and get a new idea for dinner!

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