About Us

As parents, we all are all guilty of forgetting things, or not being present for whatever reason or if we are in the same room as our kids our mind is always on the next thing on our to-do list right? Perhaps you feel you are spending too much time away from your family and when you return home you want to enjoy that time as much as you can. We shouldn’t necessarily feel guilty about it but we just need to recognise that we can’t possibly continue to do everything ourselves!

Things change when we become parents. Not only do we get more grey but more often than not we still try to do everything we used to and so much more!

That’s where PA for Parents can help.. we are here to take some pressure off YOU and bring some organisation back to your lives.

Whether that’s planning your next holiday away, event coordination & parties, meal planning, food shopping or even researching and scheduling things to do at half term… all you need to do it turn up!