How To Be A More Mindful Parent

How To Be A More Mindful Parent

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Mindfulness is something many people are starting to become more aware of. I have introduced it to both mine and my families life recently too because when it comes to living a more mindful life you’re healthier, happier and feel more peaceful on a regular basis.

Mindfulness comes in many forms however when it comes to learning how to be a more mindful parent; there are a few things to adjust as a means to be a more mindful parent.

Learning To Become A More Mindful Parent

There are three different factors that come into play when it comes to learning how to be a more mindful parent. These three things that one must be more aware of as a means to be a more mindful parent are:

  • Recognizing how you feel when you’re in conflict with your children.
  • Becoming more aware of pausing before you react.
  • Learning how to be better at listening to what your child is truly saying about their view of a scenario.

Listen Carefully

Being a mindful parent isn’t about positive thinking, it’s actually more about listening more carefully to what your child is saying. Take into consideration how your child feels and what they were thinking when they made a bad decision or did something wrong as well as ensuring you take into consideration the maturity level and way of thinking of your child prior to responding to the situation.

Respond Don’t React

The key to being a more mindful parent is to respond rather than react to any given situation that occurs with your child. It’s easy to feel angry, frustrated or upset at some level when your child makes a bad decision or gets into trouble. The key to becoming a more mindful parent though is all about learning how to respond to your child’s viewpoint rather than reacting to how the situation makes you feel.

Give Attention

While it’s easy to pay attention to your child when they’re doing something wrong or got hurt, what happens during those other moments during the day? Learn to give attention to your child throughout the entire day. Don’t sit back and wait for your child to need or desire your attention. Become more involved with the little things your child does during the day to be more mindful of who they are.

Overall it’s hard to be a parent… there is no getting away from that. The day you become a mum or dad it’s so overwhelming. You’re now in charge of the well-being of another human being that is NOT yourself!

It’s your job to keep them safe, allow them to grow into well-rounded mature adults and try to guide them forward in a positive manner. Learning how to be a more mindful parent will allow you to not only raise your children to be safe, but it will teach them how to be more in control of their emotions and learn to be more compassionate towards others throughout their lifetime. 

I’d love to know what you intend to take from this post to help with your mindfulness?

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