How to cope with stress as a working parent

How to cope with stress as a working parent

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The first steps to coping with stress is to identify you are suffering with it.

It’s difficult, I get it. You don’t want to hold your hands up and say you’re struggling, you need help or that you can’t take on anymore work but if that is the only way to deal with it then that’s the way it should be. It’s doesn’t have to be forever but just until you have gathered your thoughts and found some coping strategies to help.

balancing work and family

Do you find yourself:

  • Withdrawing yourself from social events
  • sleeping too much
  • over eating
  • using medication to help you relax
  • drinking too much
  • short tempered

These might just be a few things that you are using as coping mechanisms to deal with day to day stress.

Get active to alleviate stress

Getting active helps releases endorphins. You might not feel like you have the energy but your body will find the energy once you start.

Whether getting active is biking to work, dancing to your favourite song or exercising in your front room; anything that increases your heart rate will raise your energy.

You can even get the family together as a whole to exercise for free at your local Park Run!

Build relationships and talk!

Talking to friends and telling them about your feelings will encourage them to give you a little extra time with you. If a friend knows how you are feeling and what you need to do to make you feel better they will put in that extra effort to get your out on that night out you know you really need but at present maybe don’t have the desire or effort to go.

Although I don’t have a massive circle of friends or people I can just call on; since working on my own and for myself I have found myself to be even more withdrawn from socialising than ever before.

I sometimes go a whole day without speaking to anyone and I know I annoy my husband asking about work when he comes in but apart from having the children first thing and after school until 5pm when my husband is in… I literally speak to no one.

This was my reason for joining my local BizMums networking group. I even put myself out there to be a host of one in a Anlaby because if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t have gone.

Get out of your comfort zone and do things you maybe wouldn’t usually do. I now not only go to my own BizMums in Anlaby but also two others throughout the month too because it gets me interacting with fellow mums in business and people in general!

Change your mindset

I have very recently recognised that my mindset is something I personally NEED to work on as a matter of urgency. I have found myself daily going through the feeling of FOMO and feeling like I need to do anything and everything NOW and feeling stressed because although I know I can’t possibly do everything myself. I seem to tell myself everyone else is doing everything so why can’t I?

For this reason I have decided to changed up my business strategy a little and work on ME and my mindset instead of introducing new physical services, elements or growing my business further.

If we as parents and business owners don’t have a healthy mindset and look after ourselves then who is going to look after everything else.

Create a stress toolkit

I have a journal that I know I need to complete. I know I need to meditate and I know I need to work on my self care but doing it as a busy working parent is bloody hard!

I have bought myself some crystals and am using them to encourage positive changes in my mind to alleviate stress in addition to completing my journal (more regularly than usual!).

I am going to treat myself and look after by self a little more by booking myself in every 8 weeks with the hairdressers without fail and get myself out whenever possible.

I’d love to know what you intend to take from this post to help with the stress you are feeling right now?

Feel free to Pin to read again later or check out some of the resources below to help combat stress…

How to cope with stress as a working parent

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