How to teach mindfulness to a child

How to teach mindfulness to a child

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Mindfulness is something that I am personally working really hard on myself at the minute in both my businesses and personal life. Because it affects everything and everyone around me I have decided to invest even more time into it and am attempting to involve the children too.

Mindfulness for kids

My initial thoughts were ‘are the kids too young to understand about mindfulness; what it is, what it does, how it works’ I wasn’t sure so I started doing some research and here’s what I’ve found!

Affirmation for kids

I struggle massively with affirmations.. I feel silly but if I indirectly do them with the children I will be more confident to do them myself.

Here’s a few that I am going to start saying with the children swell as writing one or two on post it notes to put up in their bedrooms.

  • I love myself
  • I am creative
  • I am brave
  • I am helpful
  • I am clever
  • I can be anything I want to be
  • My parents love me
  • I show everyone respect
  • I share
  • I tell my parents when something is wrong
  • I think before I act
  • I am proud of myself

Strategies and mindfulness exercises for kids

Mindfulness helps children by teaching them to focus on the present moment and equips them with skills to regulate their emotion. It improves concentration, increases compassion and kindness as well as teaching them how to manage stress and life challenges.

I know from having CBT in the past an important yet simple mindfulness exercise is to notice what you are experiencing right now through any or all of your five senses: sound, sight, touch, taste, and smell.

Question to ask the children could include;

  • What can you hear?
  • What can you see?
  • What can you feel?
  • What can you taste?
  • What can you smell?

Doing this exercise makes us enter into the present moment and calms your mind.

Another element of this of which you could bring into day to day life is when walking to school. On your next school run look around, listen to the sounds, feel the weather, the walls around you, trees and bushes as well as smelling the fresh morning air.

Journaling for children

My eldest loves to write. He writes for England and we have tons of notebooks around the house!

If he is feeling a little bit down, agree or just a bit over emotional I regularly tell him to go write things down and get it all out of his head. He also has a worry monster which although is for his anxiety issues, can also be used to write down any unwanted or negative thoughts.

If you want to introduce regular journaling you can always create a template and print out prompts that encourages your child to complete it regularly.

Prompts can include;

  • Something I learnt today
  • Three things I am thankful for
  • My favourite part of today
  • How am I going to make tomorrow better than today

I really hope this gives you some ideas on how we can introduce mindfulness to your children. I know just getting all of these ideas down on paper and out of my head has certainly encouraged me to practice what I preach!

Feel free to Pin to read again later and check out some other resources at the very bottom of this page that may help:

How To Teach Mindfulness To A Child

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