My Services

If there is something not listed below that you require help with then feel free to get in touch. This list is not exhaustive, it is just a guide to show you the things you could outsource and leave to me!

  • Manage recurring tasks
  • Manage your calendar
  • Manage home services
  • Make reservations
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance
  • Make medical appointments
  • Make pet appointments
  • Plan social gatherings
  • Make & confirm appointments
  • Manage important paperwork
  • Send task reminders
  • Find tickets and events
  • Monitor plane ticket prices
  • Track expenses
  • Manage projects
  • Research topics
  • Organize your personal life
  • Online shopping
  • Order flowers or gifts
  • Maintain your calendar
  • Pay bills
  • Plan travel
  • Remind you of important dates

General home admin

Is your home insurance up for renewal but you have absolutely no time to research the cheapest deal?

General home admin can be any of the above and so much more including pet services, online shopping even ensuring your bills are paid on time!

Online tasks are great items to outsource because they can be done from anywhere. I can be online while you concentrate on the in-person tasks only you can do. For your shopping, just let your virtual assistant know what you are looking for and she can research options, find the best price and have your items shipped directly to you.

Event planning

Have a birthday coming up but have absolutely no time to plan a party?

Let me organize it all for you from designing invitations, researching venues to getting your decor and/or food prepped …all you need to do is ok a few things, turn up a few hours before and p-a-r-tyyyy!

Holiday research

I can research all your leisure and travel requirements saving you hours! I can even make your bookings once you’ve made your choice! I have contact with independent travel counsellors that can get me prices on anything I require.

Whether you are looking for just a weekend away, spa day or planning a big family holiday… planning time away and things to do in the School holidays are my specialty and have been for many many years with two children under 9 so just leave it with me!

My trusted contacts in the travel industry let me take you right to the point of booking where you would then take the reins and arrange payment.

Calendar management & Reminder service

Are you in need of someone to prompt you of non-uniform days or does something NEED doing by a certain date?

Have you recently forgot a dentist appointment? How about your youngest in for Roald Dahl day?  Let us keep track of your calendar and send reminders. We can even order the fancy dress for you!

Let me remind you of important events or birthdays that you cannot afford to miss!

If you would like me to work on your business then I can assist you with that too. I have extensive experience as a Virtual Assistant helping fellow entrepreneurs manage their workload effectively which in turn allows them to work harder not smarter.

Our services are tailored to meet YOUR needs. Not one family is the same but you can rest assured I will do everything I can to reduce your stress so you can enjoy your life.