Ways To Be More Present And Engaged With Your Family

Ways To Be More Present And Engaged With Your Family

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A family requires soooo much attention, time and responsibility and when it comes to raising them doesn’t it and there are so many things that you have to take into consideration.

How to be more present with your family

As you travel along the path of raising a family and trying to find ways to be more present with them, you may find that it gets harder as the days go along. From trying to make enough money to support your family and running errands to the busy schedules that most adults must maintain are what keeps many of us from being more present and engaged with our family. If you’re looking to switch things up and learn how to be a more active role in the family unit, then continue reading for some tips.

Create a Routine

Create a routine that enables you to have more quality time with your family. Children thrive on routine and having a routine that allows you to spend more time together with a weekly or daily ritual such as some new family tradition helps you to pause more often to be present and engaged on a regular basis.

Pause to Listen

When a member of your family is trying to tell you something, make sure you fully pause to listen to what they have to say. This little moment can last five minutes or twenty minutes, but the key is to fully pause and be present in this moment. When you start to pause to listen more often when a family member wants to share something with you, you’ll naturally start to be more present and engaged.

Let Go Of Work!

When you come home from work try to give yourself a moment to transition into family life so that you’re letting go of work and leaving it behind. Bringing the stress of work home with you will hold you back from being more present and engaged with your family as your mind will be elsewhere instead of where it should be at the end of the day, with your family.

Exercise Together

Last, but not least, try to be more mindful of exercising together. A family who makes it a priority to exercise together is better able to be more present and engaged with each other as they share a common activity. You can incorporate exercising together into the routine that you create as a means to be a more present and engaged part of your family.

These are just some of the ways to be more present and engaged with your family no matter how busy your schedule is. While adults do lead busy lives, it’s no excuse for becoming more distant and distracted from the people who matter most to us, your family. Use these tips to start being a more present and engaged part of your family and watch as your family becomes happier, healthier and stronger with each passing day.

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